Mike Compares Angelina's Jersey Shore Exit To 'Leaving The Beatles'

(Photo credit: Andrew Coppa – Vis Vitae/In Touch Weekly)

Ever wondered what Snooki would've looked like if she were born on the Upper East Side? Neither had we -- girl's perfection in hot pants, perma-tan and a pouf! -- but we're kinda psyched that In Touch Weekly took some time to button up and powder down the Jersey Shore cast with a Gossip Girl/West Wing-inspired makeover (see above). We're even more thankful that the mag's reporters brought up Angelina's dramatic departure during Episode 3 of the series, to which 'The Sitch' responded, "We wish she had stayed. What was she thinking? It’s like leaving the Beatles." To be quite honest, we couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

Ladies and gentleman ... the Beatles!

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