Is RW: D.C.'s Ashley Done Crushing On 'The Gay Guy'?

In the midst of Andrew's late-night jacuzzi gropefest (and Emily/Ty's coed-naked slumber party), we almost forgot about Mike and Ashley, a.k.a. the FIRST two Real Worlders to swap saliva this season. However, it wasn't long before Ashley discovered that Mike wasn't exactly the girl-chasing type. Within a day or so of layin' one on him at da club, Ash looked on with (pretend?) indifference as Mike made a new friend of the decidedly male persuasion. Which then prompted her to launch into a long, less-than-convincing diatribe about how she's TOTALLY not falling for "the gay guy." (Hey, whatever you say, girrrrrrrl!)

+ Think Ashley was BSing when she said she had zero romantic interest in Mike? Take the poll and tell us whether she's still crushing on her bisexual bunkmate!

You tell us: Does Ashley have a thing for Mike?

  • Uh, YEAH! Who doesn't??
  • No. She's only attracted to his mind.
  • Kinda ... but she's already starting to get over it.

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