Can Real World's Em And Ty Get Busy Without It Getting Weird?

Here's the thing about in-house hookups. They may seem like a good idea fun thing to do at the time ... but fast-forward a few minutes/hours/days and you'll eventually find yourself wishing you could do a major takesies-backsies. Take Emily and Ty, for example. Right now, Em's all "I just got out of a religious cult/I'm not looking for a commitment!" but something tells us that if Ty so much as LOOKS at another girl she's gonna go all stage five clinger on his ass.

Look, we'd love to see it work out (like with Danny and Melinda on Real World: Austin!), but generally speaking, hopping into bed with a dude who a) lives two doors down, and b) looks just like your ex-boyfriend can't go anywhere good. Right?

+ Think we're just being Negative Nancies? Take the poll and tell us whether this no-strings-attached hookup is headed straight towards Awkwardville.

You tell us: Will Emily and Ty's 'relationship' end badly?

  • Yes! Of course! They're living together!
  • Not if they handle things maturely.
  • No ... but only if they stop hooking up, like, yesterday.