RW Poll: Will Andrew Ever Close The Deal? Place Your Bets!

Last week, Andrew struck out with his roommate Emily. This week, he failed to go the distance with both his in-house crush (Callie) and the random chick (Crystal) he escorted into the hot tub. Yep, as far as being a ladies man goes, Andrew's what we like call a lost cause work-in-progress. But will three months under Josh, Ty and Mike's tutelage be enough to turn him from geek to chic? Whether it's a sweet, dorky, When Harry Met Sally style romance (with Callie??) or another dirty romp in the jacuzzi, we wanna see this alleged virgin get some action! Think it's ever gonna happen? Take the poll!

You tell us: Will Andrew get lucky in Real World: D.C.?

  • Yes! Persistence always pays off!
  • Not a snowball's chance in hell.
  • Maybe ... but only if he stops trying so hard.