VIDEO: Ron Defends Sammi's Honor, Walks Away With A Wedgie

It's no secret that Ronnie's gone soft since steppin' foot on the Jersey Shore. Dude came in talking a lot of smack ('bout playing the field "pounding" every chick in sight) and now he's got a moony-eyed grin, a full-time lady love and a V.I.P. pass to the putt-putt range. Fortunately, Ronnie hasn't taken TOO much ribbing from the fellas (on account of being such a nice guy/built like a refrigerator), but in this deleted scene from Episode 5, he finally gets the verbal bitch-slapping everyone's been waiting for.

Find out what happens when Pauly D, Mike "The Sitch" and some bigmouth at the barber shop start talking trash about Ron Ron's girl. (Note to self: do NOT threaten to sell Sammi's panties on Craigslist unless you're lookin' to walk away with a face full of split ends).