VIDEO: Get The Dirt On Snooki's New Year's Sleepover

How did Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi spend the start of The New Year? Uh, sleeping in a hallway. Apparently, the still-single beach babe got back to her hotel at 6am (after co-hosting MTV's live New Year's bash and attending all sortsa after-parties!) only to discover she'd forgotten her room key. Natch, she tried sweet-talking the manager ("Yo, I'm a celebrity, get me in this damn room!"), but when that failed, Snooks' only option was to knock on JWOWW's door and crash on her couch. Hear Snooki tell Jay Leno about the whole sordid affair, plus find out her favorite Sinatra song (duh, "Blue Suede Shoes") and watch her piss off sparkle vamps everywhere by dismissing the Twilight saga as "boring."

+ Want more late-night laughs? Watch Snooki rewrite history on Leno (with Mike The Sitch and DJ Pauly D), then check out this SNL spoof of the big-haired J. Shore girl.

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