Teen Mom's Catelynn Learns She's Not Alone

All of our Teen Moms kept a personal diary throughout filming, and with their consent, we're sharing relevant entries after each week's episode airs. Below, Catelynn describes how the birth mom retreat gave her strength, acceptance and closure -- not to mention a whole new set of friends.

I was a little nervous to go to the birth mom retreat just because I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't know anyone -- but all of the girls were very supportive and uplifting. They told me that birth moms ARE important and if it were not for us, our children would not be on this earth. Our children will always know and love us, and one day, they will come back to us wanting to be a part of our lives. I really can't wait 'til that day comes.

It was helpful to burn regrets. It's not like you completely forget them afterward, but it's a way to get things off of your chest. I felt really good about myself when I did that. I learned a lot from my retreat, but the best thing I learned was that I'm not alone. I can move on and not get stuck in regret. I can stop asking myself everyday, "What if I had Carly here with me?"

When I left the retreat, I was glowing with relief. Ever since then, I've been more motivated to do stuff for myself, and I'm not depressed anymore. I keep in touch with the girls from the birth mom retreat through a secret website that only us birth moms can know about. It's a really neat thing. It's our birth-mom retreat away from the retreat.