Maci's Teen Mom Diary: So Far, Couples Therapy Isn't Helping

All of our Teen Moms kept a personal diary throughout filming, and with their consent, we're sharing relevant entries after each week's episode airs. Below, Maci admits her relationship still needs a lot of work, and jots down some of her hopes and fears about getting back together with Ryan.

When Ryan and I got back together, we decided that we would not live together again until we were married. That was the only way we thought we could work things out, and not move too fast.

It's always hard for me to leave Bentley anywhere at anytime, but I was nervous to leave Bentley with Ryan when I went to work because I wasn't sure if Ryan would actually do what he was supposed to do, or if he would be lazy. I did feel like Ryan needed to to work on his parenting skills. He had shown me none so far.

At first, Ryan didn't understand the point of seeing a relationship adviser, and neither did I -- but I figured that while it might not help with anything, it definitely wasn't going to hurt ... so why not try? Unfortunately, after seeing the relationship adviser, Ryan didn't really try to do any of the things that I had asked him to do.