Happy Birthday, K-Cav! The Hillzie's 23 Years Old Today

Happy birthday, Kristin Cavallari!

You always were the life of the party

And in honor of your special day

We thought we'd recount all the ways

You make our lives so cheery and bright

By bringing the drama to Tuesday nights

Thanks for bustin' out the girl-on-girl kisses

For starting a catfight with Brody's missus

For proving Justin Bobby is so much more

Than a greasy biker (and monosyllabic bore)

For bringing Stacie the Bartender back into our life

For introducing Spencer Pratt to his lovely wife

For throwing down with 'Drina at Casa de Speidi

For getting more action than Aphrodite

Kristin, we love you, and we wish you the best

Here's to life, love and happiness -- and all your success