VIDEO: Sammi Wanted Every Hair Extension In Place For Ronnie's 'Rents

Every girl wants to make a good impression on her new boyfriend's parents. Unfortunately, Sammi got off to a rocky start when she kept Ronnie's entire fam waiting (and deprived his mom of her day in the sun) by refusing to come down from her room 'til she'd washed, blow-dried and flat-ironed her way to perfection.

So what was going through Sammi's mind while Ronnie's 'rents were tapping their feet on the patio (and complaining about her excessive prep time)? Well, mostly she was just reminding herself how this was all (secretly) Ron Ron's fault. Find out why Sammi blames her boy for screwing up mom's tanning sched, plus hear how she really felt 'bout her (potential) mother-in-law to be.

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