Styl'D Finale Predictions! Who's Gonna Win It All?

Don't let Janna and Cody's bad romance distract you. We're just one day away from the Styl'D finale, which means we're thisclose to finding out which future stylist to the stars will score a permanent position at MMA. So who's gonna make the cut? Well, Brett, Gary and Cody have been killing it all season long, but Tara and Janna won't go down without a fight. Watch as Jen Rade challenges all five JAs to bring it home, then get a sneak peek at the Styl'D finale to see why Brett's assignment may be his last EVER.

+ Think you know who's gonna win it all on tomorrow night's Styl'D? Take the poll and tell us which junior assistant deserves the prize!

You tell us: Who's gonna take home the 'Styl'D' crown?

  • Brett
  • Gary
  • Cody
  • Tara
  • Janna