Maci’s Teen Mom Diary: Why I Took Ryan Back

All of our Teen Moms kept a personal diary throughout filming, and with their consent, we’re sharing relevant entries after each week’s episode airs. Below, Maci explains why she decided to reconcile with Ryan

When Ryan and I broke up, I felt like he needed to do a lot of things differently and step up before I would even consider getting back together with him. I really wanted to see him be a father before I could be with him again as a girlfriend.

Ryan wanted a change from me, too. I think he just wanted me to be understanding and more patient with him, considering he was such a young father and he wouldn’t become perfect overnight.

I decided to take Ryan back because there were still so many feelings I had for him. I was honestly in love with Ryan as a person, but I felt like I needed to help him become the father I wanted for my child. When I decided to be with Ryan again, it didn’t mean that we became engaged again. I was not near ready to be married to him, and he was definitely not ready to be a husband.