Hills Poll: Will 2010 Be The Year Of Kristin Bobby?

Oh, what a year. In 2009, we said goodbye to Lauren Conrad, hello (again) to Kristin Cavallari and learned that Speidi's not quite ready for an Enzo of their own. Along the way, we saw Brody and Jayde fight, make up and call it quits (for good!?), watched Audrina Patridge stick it to her ex and stared on in disbelief as Kristin and Justin snuggled under the sunset.

So what's in store for the year ahead? Well, unlike Kelly Cutrone, we can't predict the future, but we CAN tap into your brains to find out who thinks K-Cav and JB will still be going strong come spring. Will this rocky romance survive another season? Take the poll and tell us whether you think Kristin Bobby will stay together in 2010.

You tell us: Do Kristin and Justin have a future together?

  • Definitely! They're young, fun and lookin' for love.
  • Only if they're both ready for a commitment.
  • No way. That relationship was soooo 2009.