Reasons We Heart Styl'D: From Gary's Giggle To Tara's Tantrums

Now that we're more than halfway through the Styl'D season, we thought we'd take a mo and find out which junior assistants you're rooting for at home. But first: we're going down the list and telling you what WE like best about all the JAs! Starting with...:

Gary: We love his self-assured cockiness, his high-pitched giggle and his affinity for tight, muscle tanks. And the boy can sing!

Tara: We love her hilarious asides, her evil death glares and her cherry red lipstick. Most of all, we LOVE how she actually threw a drink in Gary's face. At his own frickin' party! (Seriously, who DOES that?!)

Brett: We love his inappropriate humor, his crazy/messy apartment, his red, rocker pants and his (multiple!) vehicular mishaps.

Cody: We love his big, puppy dog eyes, his unparalleled internet research skills and his adorably awkward crush on Julie.

Janna: We love that she showed up five hours late to work -- due to complications stemming from a BAR BRAWL -- and STILL finished ahead of Tara. (Related side note: Jen Rade, you're our hero!)

+ Wanna add to our Styl'D lovefest? Tell us who you're feelin' in the comments, plus take the poll and root for your fave stylist-to-be!

You tell us: Who's your favorite junior assistant?

  • Gary
  • Tara
  • Brett
  • Cody
  • Janna