VIDEO: Four Girls + Two Guys = One Helluva Situation

Mike may not be Sammi Sweetheart's type, but dude's not exactly hard-up for female attention. Outside of the Jersey Shore house, the ladies are LOVING the Situation, which is why they've been buying his ab-fab underwear and lining up to lay one on him in the communal hot tub airplane lavatory. Oh, and in case you were wondering? Mike's looking to set a new world record in vibing on tomorrow night's all-new J. Shore!

Yep, with Angelina and her trash bags out on the street, the Jersey pad's officially a c***block-free zone -- and Mike's makin' the most of it by bringing home four shore things to split amongst himself and Pauly D. Check out the sneak peek from this week's Jersey Shore and watch as the boys size up their prospects and decide who's jacuzzi-worthy. (Hey, relax, ladies! There's plenty of Situation to go around!)