VIDEO: Watch Backstage Proof Of Kenny And Wes' Bromance!

Wes came into The Ruins with a "Dude, You Slept With My Ex-Fiance"-sized chip on his shoulder -- and he didn't exactly go out in a blaze of glory. So we were appropriately shocked when the Italian Stallion and the "Red-Headed Slut" hugged it out (and exchanged niceties!) on tonight's Ruins Reunion. Even more surprising? The lovefest didn't stop when the guys got together backstage. Watch as Kenny digs deep and gives Wes a straight-from-the-heart apology (slash explanation), while Wes bows his head and pays his respects to a worthy opponent.

+ Bonus: Find out whether Wes and KellyAnne's relationship survived The Ruins, plus hear Evan and Kenny ponder Wes' between-the-sheets persona!