VIDEO: How Close Did Susie Come To Selling Out?

We'll admit it: we had mixed emotions when watching this week's Ruins finale. On the one hand, we wanted to see KellyAnne and Sarah give those guys the shock of a lifetime by snatching the grand prize right from under their overconfident little noses. On the other hand, we wanted to see Susie make Johnny eat his words by busting ass -- and leading her team (of ingrates) to certain victory.

In the end, we got one of our wishes (Susie stepped up and saved the boys' butts!) but the Champs' top girl admits she came thisclose to throwing in the towel -- and joining forces with the Challengers. Listen up as Susie talks about the temptation she felt to eff over her team, plus hear why Evan says he'd like to do a Challenge where all the shady side-deals are right out in the open.

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