The Ruins' Evan: Our Guys Were A Bunch Of Liars

Ever wondered how smart (or strong, or tough) you gotta be to take home first prize on a Real World/Road Rules Challenge? Well, the way Susie sees it, the game's not really about being the best -- or the brightest. It's about being good "enough." In other words? You've gotta be clever enough to stick around til the end. And athletic enough not to pass out before you reach the finish line.

So what does the rest of the winner's circle (and, uh, Sarah) have to say? Well, while Johnny claims the game's "much more mental than it is physical," Evan's more concerned with the way his team exaggerated their (alleged) athletic achievements. Hear the Ruins crew discuss the importance of brains vs. brawn, then watch Evan argue that most of his teammates were a bunch of wannabe jocks and liars.