VIDEO: Susie Wins Big, All Is Finally Right In The Ruins

Atta girl, Susie! We gotta hand it to Goldilocks: the abuse she suffered at the mouth of Johnny Bananas these past few episodes of The Ruins was pretty brutal -- but Sooz simply slapped on some noise-proof earmuffs, stood her ground in the physical challenges and played a ruthlessly smart game, which ultimately won her even more Benjis than the boys! Plus, to sweeten the pot, Johnny did MORE THAN ONE takesies-backsies of every mean thing he ever said about the Ruins all-star. Don't ya just love a happy ending, served with a huge dose of humble pie? Watch Susie give Johnny sincere thanks for (finally) manning up and admitting who's boss:

Bonus: After the jump, the Ruins cast explains that in order to win a challenge, you've gotta possess a balanced combo of smarts and strength ... which the bulk of their past competitors seem to always be lacking.

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