Who's The Biggest Drama Queen (Or King) On The Jersey Shore?

We've only spent one night in the Jersey Shore and we've already seen tears, fights, hookups, betrayal and more than a couple of fist pumps. So which of the eight roomies was the most over-the-top of all? Let's review the top three nominees!

First up, we have Nicole, a.k.a. Snooki, who broke a duck, struck out in a jacuzzi, almost left, almost got fired, rocked the "throw-up breath" and met her throw-up soulmate -- in just under 120 minutes.

Then, of course, there's Mike, a.k.a. "The Situation", who got busy in a hot tub, kissed at least three different women, tried (unsuccessfully) to c***block Ronnie, then fell into a deep depression when his house crush, Sammi "The Sweetheart," started holding hands with someone else.

And in a two-way tie for third, we have Vinny, the dude who'll break your nose with a single punch (but won't STFU about his non-contagious pink eye), and Angelina, the moody/meddlesome bartender who resents having to work more than "once a week" in exchange for rent-free digs.

+ Think we're leaving anyone out (ahem, ahem, JWOWW)? Tell us your vote for biggest drama queen (or king), plus let us know whether you think Sammi mishandled "The Situation" by gettin' it on with RonRon.