K-Cav On Kissing Stacie: It's My 'I-Wish-I-Didn't' Moment

Stacie the Bartender laughed off her liplock with Kristin Cavallari on the After Show, but K-Cav told MTV News she'd love to do a takesies-backsies.

"I think that sort of my I-wish-I-didn't moment was when I made out with Stacie in Vegas," she spilled Tuesday night at the live Hills/City finale. "That was one episode I had to call my dad and say, 'Dad, sorry — this is going to be your least favorite episode.'"

So how'd Kristin's pop react after seeing the smooch for himself? "[H]e didn't say one word about the episode," K-Cav spilled. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing." Then, after a beat, she apparently came to a decision: [I]it's probably a bad thing."

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