Mike vs. Ronnie: Who Should Be Sammi's Sweetheart?

Despite holding hands with Mike on the boardwalk (and, um, sucking face with him in da club), Sammi finished out the night by telling "The Situation" to shove it -- and professing her undying love attraction to Ronnie. And while we kinda got it at first (sure, Ronnie's hot in a Cartman/Beefcake sorta way), one look at Mike's sad, puppy dog eyes and we couldn't help wondering: did Sammi the Sweetheart make the right decision?

Ignoring the fact that in-house romance is generally a bad idea to begin with, we wanna know if Sammi picked the right New Joysian for the job! Think she's better off with the Human He-Man? Or should she have made off with muscle-bound Mike instead? Take the poll and tell us which of Sammi's six-packed suitors makes a better catch!

Who should be Sammi's 'Jersey Shore' sweetheart?

  • Mike 'The Situation'
  • Ronnie