VIDEO: Evan Defends His Decision To Stand By Susie

These Ruins games aren't about making friends -- they're about making money. And from a purely financial standpoint, Evan, Kenny, Derek and Johnny all had a lot to gain from sending Susie off to all-but-certain elimination at the hands of KellyAnne. So when Johnny came up with a plan to throw this week's challenge (and, potentially, give Susie the boot), we figured he wouldn't have too much trouble getting the other guys on board. Instead, the boys surprised us by giving the challenge their all, and -- in Evan's case -- it wasn't about the guaranteed 4 Gs so much as doing the right thing! (Or so he says.) Anyhow, hear why Evan refused to give Susie a swift "kick in the face," then listen up as she drops a (belated) bombshell dem boys never saw coming!