VIDEO: Ruins Update! Is Sarah Still Crying Over Kenny?

At first, Sarah liked all the attention she was getting from Kenny. And why wouldn't she? After all, he's hot, she's bored and they hit it off right away. So what went wrong? Well, in typical boy fashion, Kenny started pulling the ol' two-faced routine, acting all cute and considerate when they were alone -- but then rippin' Sarah apart whenever the bros were around. Not surprisingly, our sweet little swimmer eventually got tired of being treated like a doormat, and tonight, for the very first time, she gave Kenny a piece of her mind.

Natch, we wanted to know what finally caused Sarah to break down, so we rounded up the gang to hear their take. Watch as Sarah tears up one last time (we hope!), Susie calls out Kenny for trying to play both sides and Johnny Bananas calls Evan a c**kblocker for trying to keep the could've-been lovebirds apart.