VIDEO: Johnny Bananas Defends His A-Hole Image

Let's face it, Johnny Bananas hasn't made many friends on The Ruins -- or on any Real World/Road Rules Challenge for that matter. So it wasn't a big surprise tonight when he tried to screw Susie by throwing the Wall Walker Challenge. (The key word here is "tried.")

Below, watch Johnny play the big a-hole (yet again) while Evan and Kenny redeem themselves (and make Johnny look even worse) by holding onto their flowers and securing the win for the Champions. Plus, don't forget to share your comments in the player as the scene plays out!

So what does Johnny have to say for himself now? We met up with him face-to-face during our Ruins Replay shoot a few weeks ago and asked him all about his misogynistic tendencies and overall commitment to douchebaggery. Surprisingly, his defense made a little bit o' sense.

Could it be that Johnny's NOT the biggest jerkface in the world, and maybe he's just taking the fall for all those undercover jerkfaces (ahem, Kevan) we know so well? Check out his argument in the video below, and after the jump, give a listen while Johnny and Susie sort out their problems (maturely!) and finally come to a truce.