VIDEO: Casey Goes Down Kicking And Screaming

Watching theReal World/Road Rules Challenges is like eating potato chips — once you start, you can’t stop. And since Wednesdays (at 10pm) always seem so far away, we’ll be sifting through the Challenge Dailies every weekday afternoon to give you your daily dose of The Ruins. You’re welcome.

If we could pick one guy (or girl) from The Ruins to kidnap, douse with maple syrup and cover with feathers, we'd probably end up with a three-way tie between Kenny, Evan and Johnny Bananas. Unfortunately, the Ruins ladies lack the guile, the arm strength and the rando arts and crafts supplies required to pull off such a caper so instead, it's poor widdle Casey who's getting the feathery friend treatment.

Yep, judging by all the coed wrestling action, the immature "pigeon" taunts and the peals of girlish laughter (you know who you are, Johnny!), it appears we've somehow reverted back to the fourth grade. Watch as Casey tries to fight her way out of a sticky situation while KellyAnne forms a one-woman rescue squad.