Hills vs. City: Who Had Better Finale Fashion?

Walking around backstage at last night's Hills/City finale, we had plenty of time to scope out the celeb eye-candy -- and soak in all the fall (okay, fine, soon-to-be-winter) fashion trends. So what'd we take away from the talent? Well, besides the feeling that we'd seen Kristin Cavallari's dress somewhere before, we noticed three big style staples. Read on for our finale fashion recap, then sound off about your favorite looks!

Style Statement No. 1: Sequins

Roxy Olin nearly blinded us with her shiny, sequined blazer, but she was hardly the only bedazzled beauty on the premises. Joining her in the sparkle section were glitter gals Stacie Hall and Holly Montag, who showed up for the live finale festivities in sexy, silvery ensembles. Way to light up the room, ladies!

Style Statement No. 2: Regal colors

When Lo Bosworth told us (via tweet) that she'd be wearing green last night, we pictured her rolling into the studio in Kermit-colored couture. Instead, she totally rocked our worlds with her emerald-hued corset dress, which we loved almost as much Erin Kaplan's bold (and beautiful!) royal blue strapless.

Style Statement No. 3: Not-so-basic black

Who says you can't wear short-shorts in December!? Last night, Whitney Port gave the LBD a modern twist by pairing velor hip-huggers with a lacy dark top. Meanwhile, fellow back-in-blacker Liv Palermo went for understated chic and Hillzie Audrina Patridge earned herself an honorable mention with that gorge gray pantsuit.

+ Think the City girls had the best finale looks? Or did the Hills gals hit it outta the park? Check out these pics of both casts and let us know who had the sexiest overall style!