From Maneater To Mrs. Justin Bobby: The Evolution Of Kristin Cavallari

In the beginning, she was simply known as "the bitch" -- the girl who came on The Hills solely to stir up trouble. But in a surprising turn of events, Kristin Cavallari is ending this season on a soft note. She's got the look of love, people, not to mention a vulnerability we never imagined.

On tonight's Hills finale, K-Cav pushed through her fear of abandonment/general distrust of the opposite sex and said yes to Justin's relationship-without-labels proposal. (No word on whether the word "girlfriend" has been used since filming -- hopefully we'll get the answer on tonight's live After Show). The newly official couple even shared a few tender kisses to cement their negotiations. It was actually quite sweet.

We're diggin' the unbitchy version of Kristin and are rooting for more of her if/when the show returns. But don't get us wrong -- girl better be sharpening her claws during hiatus ... cuz someone's gotta play the role of queen bee, and Heidi's got her hands full trying to hijack Spencer's sperm.