'Lonely' No More! Did Audrina Talk Her Ex Into Dating Kristin!?

We silently applauded Audrina Patridge tonight for standing up to her ex, calling him out on his "selfish" behavior (three times in one sentence!) and sending him off with a stern warning: either learn how to love, or risk growing into a "lonely old man." Little did she know Justin Bobby was actually paying attention.

Instead of closing out the episode in trademark fashion (i.e. with a long, brooding motorcycle ride into nowhere), JB hopped on his Harley and swept fellow commitmentphobe Kristin Cavallari off her feet before she even knew what hit her. So what inspired Justin to fight so hard for the woman he loves sorta likes? Wethinks it might've been Audrina -- and that rousing pep talk she gave him about dying alone!

+ Think Justin would've still gone after Kristin without that final push from Audrina? Take the poll and let us know whether JB has 'Drina to thank for his first (ever?) "real" relationship!

You tell us: Did Audrina talk her ex into dating Kristin?

  • Um, yeah! He even gave 'Drina a shout out in his let's-get-back-together pitch.
  • No. Justin clearly cares about Kristin. He would've stepped up on his own.