Breaking: Spencer Forgives Heidi For Trying To 'Hijack' His Sperm

Spencer's always had a certain way with words. So when he started accusing Heidi of trying to "hijack" his sperm (not to mention giving her the evil eye over sushi), we figured it'd be at LEAST a coupla months before he and the wifey formed a truce.

'Course, every now and then Spencer's been known to surprise us by stepping up big ('member those cheesy Mexico vows?!) -- and tonight, he melted our hearts by telling Heids he'd like to (someday) be her baby daddy. "I need to be about whatever my wife's about," Spencer announced, after taking a long, hard look at his wedding band. (Eeee!)

Fortch, right now Heids has agreed to give her hubby more time to get on board with baby -- and procreation plans are on hold til they're "both ready." Which makes us wonder: Will we hear the pitter-patter of little Speidis anytime soon? Or will Heidi give Spencer more time to wrap his head around the concept of conception? Take our parent prediction poll and let us know how long before the Pratts start baby-proofing their porno pad!

You tell us: How close are the Pratts to becoming parents?

  • 0-1 years away
  • 2-5 years away
  • 6-10 years away
  • They've got at least a decade to go