We're Live-Blogging The City/Hills Finale Extravaganza!

Holy deja vous! It's time for yet another live event held in NYC to celebrate the end of a drama-filled show season. But we're not just talkin' about one series this go 'round. Tonight, we're setting up shop in MTV's Times Square studio to bring you all the behind-the-scenes action as the Hills AND City cast members prep for their appearances on the Finale After Show (11pm).

The writers formerly known as Control Freak (moi) and Show Girl (Debbie Newman) cordially invite you to the par-tay, and natch, we've showed up nice and early ... (First dibs on the free snacks yo!)

8:30pm - We're lurking in the hallway outside the studio and keeping tabs on all our favorite Hills/City stars.

8:32pm - Erin and Roxy are sitting side by side on a couch backstage while Brody looks around for his bros. Wait, Whitney Port just walked in! Brody greets her with a catcall and a giant bear hug, shouting "look at those legs!"

8:40pm - Hills reunion! Stacie the Bartender just called Kristin over and the gal pals joined Holly Montag in a three-way hug. (Enough of the bonding, ladies, let's see some pre-show drama!)

8:45pm - Are we blinded by Roxy's sparkle top or is Whitney's all-black ensemble the very definition of City chic? Note to self: throw out everything in wardrobe. Replace with lacy black shirts and sequined blazers.

8:48pm - Breaking: Justin Bobby is standing so close to us we can actually SMELL HIS COLOGNE. That is, in those brief, fleeting moments when we actually remember to breathe ...

8:51pm - A photographer just pulled Justin and Kristin away for a private 'bumper' shot! We're not sure exactly what that means, but we're hoping it involves Stacie the Bartender ...

8:53pm - Trying not to gawk at Whitney and Roxy's four-inch stiletto heels. Erin Kaplan's made an admirable effort with the three-inchers, but unfortunately that's just not gonna cut it tonight ...

8:57pm - Whit just told Roxy her hair looks beautiful.

9:05pm - Watching our blogging partner-in-crime interview Roxy from The City. She's doing a good job of not cracking up at the words "crotch tattoo."

9:18pm - The show's already in full-swing, but backstage the vibe's pretty laid back. Holly just walked up to Olivia and introduced herself, then told her how beautiful she looks each week on The City. That's one way to get on Liv's good side ...

9:34pm - Commercial break! The MTV photographers are starting to round up all the City girls for a group photo. Meanwhile, Whitney's trying to fish her own camera out of her bag! Whit sez she wants to "document" this herself!

9:44pm - We just interviewed Whitney Port with the Flip Camera -- and had to stand on our tippy toes. She's so tall, and those legs go on for days!

9:52pm - We're listening to Holly gush about her BFF (and new roomie!?) Stacie and watching Justin politely trying to ignore all the lusty looks from the ladies on the press line ...

10:03pm - Just grabbed ourselves a sneaky slice of pizza (what? we're working!) and peeked our heads into the press room. Natch, all anybody wants to know is whether Kristin and Justin are "officially" boyfriend-girlfriend. For the record, girl's not giving much away.

10:15pm - Peaced outta Pizzaville and popped into the studio! The Hills finale's in full swing, and right now the entire room (which is, admittedly, 99.9% female) is booing Jayde for trying to lock Brody down. Sorry, lady, but the fans have spoken!

10:40pm - Watching the City finale from the press room. Justin and Holly are totally bonding over their mutual affection for NYC.

10:45pm - Justin really digs his Chapstick. And we're happy to watch him apply it over and over again. (Gives us an excuse to stare longingly at his lips!)

10:49pm - During a brief chat with K-Cav, she tells us that it's kinda "scary" to fight with Jayde! Audrina not so much.

10:53pm - Fact: Waiting in line for the bathroom is a lot more fun when Stacie the Bartender's standing two people in front of you. We just watched her lather, rinse and repeat without ever putting down her cell phone. Hope it's water resistant!

10:58pm - Wow, Brody's really hot. When he's talking to you, it's like you're the only one in the room! So what did he have to say? In a nutshell, relationships are hard work.

11pm - Got an amazing text from our studio spy and PA, Whitney Little: Brody Jenner apparently stripped his shirt off for a super fan! He refused to flash his chest tat for her while on the air but took the lucky lady aside for a private peek as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

11:09pm - Found out why Whitney's got a big ole Band-Aid on her thumb -- she cut herself slicing bread this morning. City stars: they really ARE just like us!

11:23pm - Commercial time! Chants of "I love you, Whitney!" break out from the crowd while Roxy gives Jessi an impromptu dance lesson ... to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi."

11:34pm - The good news? Just bumped into Lo Bosworth in the hall! The bad news? She's got her coat on and is preparing to jet.

11:35pm - Lo (and an equally bundled-up Audrina) are screaming, giggling and racing down the corridor with Brody. Yep, just another day at the office.

11:40pm - The show's over, but the night's still young for the Hills/City casties! Whitney and Roxy are saying their final g'byes and making plans to pick up Sami on their way to the after party.

11:43pm - Spotted: Kristin and Justin exchanging high-fives with Stace and Holly for a job well done on the After Show. In his rush to get out, Justin practically runs over a nearby light fixture (oh, to be made of metal!) while K-Cav agrees to give one last quickie interview before joining the crew for drinks.

11:48pm - Kristin finally makes her escape in a flurry of hugs, air kisses and "I love you's."

11:50pm - Oww. Next time we're wearing sneakers -- who knew we would get blisters running around backstage?