Erin Or Olivia: Who Should Joe Zee Choose?

From the moment Erin Kaplan and Olivia Palermo were first introduced, it was clear that office tension would be a reoccurring theme on The City. And after many attempts on both the girls' parts to work together harmoniously, the problem's only gotten worse, culminating in another broken record of a blowout during tonight's finale.

When all was said and done, Erin pulled the trigger and gave bossman Joe Zee an ultimatum: Olivia goes, or she does. Ballsy (but sorta necessary) move!

We've listened to Joe's quiet conundrum all season long -- Erin's a PR star and always gets the job done without a hitch, but Olivia has a superb eye for fashion and tons of contacts in the industry. So who stays? Who goes? Dude's got a tough decision ahead of him -- help make it easier by taking our poll!