VIDEO: How Far Will KellyAnne Go To Save Herself?

Watching theReal World/Road Rules Challenges is like eating potato chips — once you start, you can’t stop. And since Wednesdays (at 10pm) always seem so far away, we’ll be sifting through the Challenge Dailies every weekday afternoon to give you your daily dose of The Ruins. You’re welcome.

Once upon a time, on a Real World/Road Rules Challenge far far away, players used to strap on their armor, push their bodies to the breaking point and stumble into bed at night knowing they'd done everything they could to help their teams win. 'Course, that was back when being on a team actually used to mean something. Nowadays? It's every man for himself -- and if you wanna make it all the way til the end, you'd better be prepared to lie, cheat, cry, sweat and fight your way into the finale.

Watch as KellyAnne shows Evan how far she's willing to go for full immunity (sheez, we're talking about throwing challenges, people!) while the Champions' resident "Godfather" lets her know he's not interested in sealing the deal.