Hot Or Not: K-Cav And Stacie's Girl-On-Girl Kiss?!

When Kristin, Justin and Stacie went on a triple date to the Vegas strip clubs, things got pretty hot in a hurry! And before we knew what was happening, Justin was buying a lap dance for K-Cav, Stacie was wearing underpants on her head and both girls were smackin' lips. Natch, we're all for everyone going out and having a great time, but we're not sure what to make of Kristin and Stacie's spontaneous make-out sesh. Was their late night lip-lock sexy and daring? Or awkward and forced? Take the poll and tell us how you feel!

Hot or not: Kristin and Stacie's Sin City smoochfest?

  • Hot! What's a little lip action between friends?
  • Not. Making out to impress a guy? That's sooo 'Spin The Bottle'