Hot Shots: Check Out Brody, Justin And Spencer's Best Looks!

We're so busy writing about the fab fashions on The Hills gals that we sometimes forget to scope out the styles on their male counterparts. So we've decided to give it up for the guys with this photo gallery capturing Justin, Spencer and Brody's best looks. Take a peek and find out what all the Hills hunks are wearing this season!

Spencer's signature style: Preppy, with a touch of pissed off

Most memorable outfit: Homage to Cowboy Bill

Most shocking accessory: Statement necklace

Brody's signature style: Plaid to the bone

Most memorable outfit: Nascar, anyone?

Most shocking accessory: Da beard

Read on for Justin Bobby's style profile!Justin's signature style: Rocker/1950s greaser

Most memorable outfit: Leather jacket sans shirt (Runner up: The towel!)

Most shocking accessory: Kristin Cavallari

+ Got something to say? Tell us what you've noticed about the Hills guys' fashions, plus let us know which dude deserves to go down as best dressed!