Does Erin And Olivia's Bickering Give Anyone Else A Rash?

It's probably safe to say that the underlying tension we all witnessed between Olivia Palermo and Erin Kaplan on past episodes of The City has evaporated. Yep, that whole passive-aggressive tango the two were doing since Olivia was first hired at Elle has definitely come to a standstill -- and in its place now exists a full-blown battle to the death written warning from Human Resources.

It all feels a little icky, no?

First off, as put together on the outside as Erin and Olivia prove themselves to be each week, their inner poly/cotton blends are really starting to shine through ... and that's just not something a pair of Spanx can fix. To be frank, we're really not liking this falling apart at the seams look. And by "not liking," we mean it gave us hives and forced us to binge on a full bag of Funyons after sitting through tonight's episode. All the high-pitched bitching and moaning from both sides is making us feel anxious (and turning us into emotional eaters)! It's like we're back in the junior high cafeteria, listening to two mean girls fight over the head of the table. Or their teacher's approval.  

Sure, Kelly Cutrone also boosted our blood pressure when she gave Roxy the business about keeping her 'good ideas' to herself -- but ultimately, Kelly could probably care less whether or not Roxy sticks around at People's Revolution. She's got a job to do. She's a professional. SHE DOESN'T WASTE OFFICE HOURS VENTING TO HER INTERN.

Lastly, as the haunting echo of Erin and Olivia bickering over an LBD begins to soften, and we're able to shift our focus back to the big picture, we're sending out one final plea to these smart/gorgeous/talented yet totally obstinate women: In the wise words of Tim Gunn, "work it out" already. You've got one show left to rise above.