Sin City Souvenirs! Here's What's In K-Cav's Vegas Scrapbook

We can't tell you how many times we've come back from vacay and cursed ourselves for not taking more pictures/buying more crap from the hotel gift shop. And since we're still far too lazy to document our own pseudo-spontaneous adventures, we thought we'd help Kristin, Stacie and Justin preserve their memories with the perfect Sin City souvenirs! Here's what we think our Hillzies will be bringing back from Vegas...

1. Roaming charges and giant room service bills!

What do you get when you mix champagne, ice cream and a long, rambling drunk-dial? Really high travel expenses! The bubbly doesn't come cheap in Vegas, and neither does calling your ex-boyfriend from a roaming celly. Here's to hoping K-Cav saved the hotel receipts for her Vegas scrapbook!

2. Custom-made girlie tanks!

Designing your own t-shirt is easy AND fun! Especially if you've got a bestie (like Stacie) who keeps churning out dynamite one-liners. We vote for a Stacie-inspired tank top, reading "Not A One-Night Stand ... But Maybe!" (Speidi fans, feel free to get in on the action with a "Me Is Not A Baby" tee.)

3. A signed copy of their fave Backstreet Boys CD ...

... autographed by none other than J-Rock, the BBoys' original backup dancer! (You might wanna consider putting this hot-ticket item on eBay, ladies! Cha-CHING!)

4. Eau de stripper

Ever been out to the strip clubs? Well, not if you're underage. But take it from the pros -- those ladies spritz on so much perfume you'll still smell like J Lo's Glow 10 showers later. The only way to get rid of it? Scrub your body like you just touched a bio-hazard. (Given Nevada's loosey-goosey laws on prostitution, you probably have!)

5. Clichéd novelty items

Nothing preserves memories better than a tasteless piece of porcelain. And with Kristin and Justin's relationship hanging in the balance, we thought we'd let the snarky coffee cup manufacturers do the talkin'. Our advice? Keep it simple/classic with a "What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas" mug, or thank Stacie for the memories by plastering her car with "I Got Lucky In Vegas" bumper stickers.

+ Got any more souvenir suggestions for Kristin, Stacie and Justin? Sound off in the comments, plustell us which Hillzie had the bestest time!