City Poll: Should Whitney Cut Roxy Loose?

'Member when Roxy Olin and Kelly Cutrone first met? Roxy actually impressed the tough-as-nails boss lady with her sass, allegiance to black and fondness for NYC. Unfortunately, the same feistiness that got her hired now has her holding onto her job by a thread -- and the champagne supernova/Look Book shoot might've been the final nail in her coffin.

After Roxy busted out the bubbly (and got it all over Whitney's one-of-a-kind samples), Kelly took Whit aside and warned her that Roxy might be bad news. But Whit flexed her backbone and stood up for Roxy, explaining that her pal's still "learning" the ropes. (Hey, can't argue with that!).

Still, we gotta ask: Was Whit's loyalty a vote of confidence? Or was she just trying to help out a friend in need? Tell us whether you think it's time Whitney put her personal relationship with Roxy aside -- and put herself (and her career) first!

You tell us: Is Roxy holding Whitney back?

  • Yes. Right now, Whit needs stability, not a loose cannon!
  • No! Roxy just needs a little more time to get the hang of things.