Kristin Cavallari Proves She's No Femme Bot, Has Real Feelings!

Justin Bobby's got a history of being allergic to romance, so it was sorta shocking (slash extremely gratifying) on tonight's Hills when he jumped at the chance to make a spur of the moment, four-hour trek from L.A. to Vegas to hang with Kristin at her hotel. But let's not give him all the credit. We'd like to take a minute to hand it to our notorious tough girl for putting herself 'out there' and actually making that ballsy booty call.

Hey, it's not like JB necessarily deserved her invitation, but wasn't it kinda nice to see K-Cav's vulnerable side for once? Apparently, she's just a regular girl who obsesses over exes and dials them up when the nagging memory of their better moments is just too much to bear. (Clearly, we know nothing about this type of behavior.)

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