Styl'D's Tara: I Walked Into 'The Salem Witch Trials'

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants are blogging about their reactions to each show. Below, check out what Tara wrote after watching Episode 4.

My purpose of telling Jen Rade about the 'situation' between Cody and Julie Weiss was not to make waves. I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t getting any unfair advantage over the rest of us. I approached Jen because she is our mentor in the program -- I didn’t think that any concern I voiced to her would be blown up into a huge ordeal. She squashed any doubts I had, and I thought everything was over and done with ... Boy, was I in for a treat.

I didn’t think Gary had gotten so offended by my cheeky “dick in the ass” comment. It was by no means mean-spirited, and I didn’t think a guy that talked at great length about chinis, weenies, punanis and the like would be so insulted. I’m sorry a remark I made was misinterpreted to be malicious.

Walking into the barbecue, I was already about five Bloody Marys deep, which can partially account for my erratic behavior. I’ll be the first to admit that I looked like I needed a rabies shot when I was getting all feisty. I didn’t know, though, that I would be walking into the Salem Witch Trials. Those motherf**kers were ready to roast me the second I walked through the door! I tried to explain myself, but as usual, I couldn’t get a word in with Cody’s incoherent blubbering. No matter what I was going to say, I was going to be burned at the stake regardless.

In retrospect, throwing a drink at Gary was kind of mean. The whole moment was really heated though, and I had worn such a fabulous dress that a dramatic exit was compulsory. Maybe next time I’ll wear terrycloth.