Brett Calls Cody 'A Conniving Little S**t'!

Throughout this season of Styl'D, the junior assistants are blogging about their reactions to each show. Below, check out what Brett wrote after watching Episode 4.

Soon you will all start to see that Cody is a conniving little s**t. (Cody probably doesn't know what the word "conniving" means so I'm providing the definition below.)

con?nive [kuh-nahyv]

–verb (used without object), -nived, -niv?ing.

1. to cooperate secretly; conspire (often fol. by with): They connived to take over the business Brett's shirt.

OK, now that I have that off my chest ... Hi, how is everyone? I hope you're all as glad as I am that I'm back in the program!

This week's job was a little weird for me. Though I come from an "urban" clothing background (I use the word "urban" very loosely), I think I felt a little intimidated working next to Cody. Wait, hold up ... what am I saying? I was NOT intimidated by Cody -- it was just that he'd been doing really well, and this might sound bad, but I could NOT have that happen! That's why I tried my whole "flirting" with Cody to throw him off. BTW: it was A LOT worse than what you all got to see. Ha!

I loved watching all this crazy drama unfold; the fight with Gary and Tara, and Cody trying to bang Julie. And what made it even more amazing? IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! Finally, that damn rain cloud that was following me seemed to be gone.

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