Hot Shots: Do You Like Steph Pratt's Punky Pink Extensions?

If you're gonna go to a martial arts movie premiere, you gotta look the part. So last week, Stephanie Pratt threw on an inconspicuous all-black getup (ok, fine, it was a sequined sparkle dress), struck some sexy poses and karate-chopped her way across the Ninja Assassin red carpet.

'Course, she might've blended into the background a little better if she hadn't been wearing those adorable (but not-so-ninja-like) hot pink extensions. Not that we're complaining! In fact, we actually think Steph looks pretty badass, in a Jackie Chan-meets-Avril Lavigne sorta way. But what say you? Check our more pix of our Beverly Hills ninja biker babe then tell us what you think of her pink-streaked strands!

Are you down with Steph's punky pink extensions?

  • Yes! I'm all about flirty and fierce!
  • No. Go back to blonde, lady!