VIDEO: He's Outta There! But Why Did Brad Go Loco?

As far as Real World/Road Rules Challenge tussles go, tonight's brown liquor-induced beatdown (costarring Brad and Darrell) ranks right up there with CT's nervous breakdown all over Adam's face during The Duel 2. Fun to watch, prolly not as fun to participate. But hey, that's why we don't sign up to be on psycho game shows like The Ruins and instead opt to sit back, relax -- maybe grab some popcorn and M&Ms -- and check out the instant replays. Take a peek yourself, plus make sure to share your comments in the player as the punches are being thrown!

So what got into Brad? And did he and Darrell ever make up? 'Course they did! Dudes hugged it out on tonight's Aftershow and even shared more touchy-feely sentiments with us in the green room after the taping. In the below videos, take a look at what both Brad and Darrell had to say about their temporary violent streaks.

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