Hot Shots: A Week In The Life Of Olivia 'Glamourpuss' Palermo

It's not easy being the most fashionable girl in the room, but City star Olivia Palermo makes it look almost effortless. Her secret? Style, sophistication and, of course, invites to all the hottest parties in town. This week, Liv popped by five (count 'em, FIVE) different VIP venues, showing off a whirlwind of fall essentials (think: flashy fishnets, leather leggings and faux-fur vests) and makin' the rounds with everyone from her sweetie, Johannes Huebl, to her fashion bestie, Marc Jacobs.

Check out these pix of Liv working it on the red carpet (watch out for Huebl's razor-sharp cheekbones up top!), plus take a look at three of her most envy-inspiring looks.