True Life Follow Up: How You Can Help Families In Need

While watching True Life: I Have Broke Parents, you may have noticed that Jobe and Ashley live in the same part of the country -- Southeastern Michigan (Jobe lives outside Detroit and Ashley lives in Flint). It’s a great place full of proud people and amazing culture, but because of the decline of the auto companies, the job situation there is bleak. In Ashley’s county, the unemployment rate is about 66% higher than the national average. In Jobe’s county, the unemployment rate is nearly twice the national average.

True Life worked with many organizations in Michigan to find people like Jobe and Ashley for our documentary. Here are a few you can contact to look for opportunities to donate or volunteer:

The United Way helps people get through unemployment and foreclosure:

United Way of Southeastern Michigan

Both Jobe and Ashley had to go to food banks because they couldn’t afford to feed their whole families, even with the help of food stamps. Here are some organizations that help needy people in Michigan get enough to eat:

Food Gatherers

Gleaners Food Bank

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

If you live in Michigan and you’re looking for work, here are two great places to start:

Michigan Works

No Worker Left Behind