Find Out What Makes Kenny And Evan Suck!

While watching The Ruins, we couldn’t help but notice the giant lollipop shirts Evan and Kenny have been sporting – often at the same time. So what’s the deal? Did these besties coordinate outfits? Or has this bromance grown so strong that they’re now unconsciously dressing alike?

We went to the source, and it turns out the two Challenge champs are just promoting their new SUCK YEAH clothing line. Luckily, Evan was all too happy to give PA Melissa VonderHaar the deets on his and Kenny’s brand-new venture.

On their design aesthetic: As Kenny and I began designing our line, we wanted to make simple t-shirts for the everyday guys’ guy and for girls who know they are the hottest girl in the room without getting overdressed. We looked at what was out there and were like, “When did it become cool for guys to wear tight jeans, scarves and shirts with jewels on them?” Suck Yeah clothing is the anti-tee.

On how the name “Suck Yeah” came about: We, of course, owe all our success to MTV. During the taping of the The Gauntlet 3, Kenny and I would always want to say “F$#K YEAH” when we would win (which was often) or just when we did something incredibly awesome (which was every day). Eventually the producers of the show said we had to stop swearing so much. So instead of saying “F$#K YEAH,” we started saying “SUCK YEAH.”

On what products the SUCK YEAH line includes: Our initial line includes about 13 different shirts and tanks for guys and girls. The designs are simple, sexy and reflect the unexplainable awesome. Every shirt is one of a kind … badass, tattered, and looks like you found it in your father’s basement rather than you bought it with your father’s credit card.

On where you can get your own SUCK YEAH shirt: The best way to find SUCK YEAH is to go to our website and join our mailing list. The website provides links to the all the retail stores where we are located. You can also join our Facebook group.