VIDEO: Will Whitney's Blind Date Be A Total Bust?

When you're a leggy blonde working in fashion, meeting guys generally isn't a problem. 'Course, that doesn't mean Whitney Port can just snap her fingers and make Mr. Right appear. With Whit's crazy busy sched, it could be a couple years before she bumps into her future hubby (at a bookstore! or a Starbucks! or a party thrown by mutual friends!). Til then, she's gotta do like the rest of us and keep putting herself out there! Even if that means going out on blind dates and (occasionally) getting played by guys like Fred Facks.

Anyhow, watch as Whit courageously(!) goes out with a complete and total stranger while Roxy discovers that her new man crush is already seeing other people -- right in front of her face. Plus, head over to Elle country to hear Erin 'splain why she's officially over holding Olivia's hand.