Roxy Olin: I Don't Really Have A Crotch Tat, People!

Last week on The City, Roxy Olin was quietly riding along in Sam's automobile when suddenly she started sticking her head out the sunroof and talking about her vajayjay tat. A wild moment for sure, but apparently, Rox was just kidding! The ink's not, like, directly ON her crotch. It's actually about two inches above it. TOTALLY different story.

"I have a tattoo on my hip bone," Roxy told when asked about her Hamptons joyride, "but I was joking, and [MTV] didn't show the humor in it at all." According to Roxy, it's of angel wings, "like right above" her crotch.

Still, Roxy's fam wasn't exactly thrilled by all the talk about her unmentionables. "I felt really bad for my grandparents," she admitted. "They liked [that] episode a lot. But afterward, I was like, 'I'm so sorry about the crotch comment.' But they didn't write me back yet."