Hot Shots: Meet Whitney Port's Celebrity Lookalikes!

Celebrities get stopped on the street by their fans on a near-daily basis -- and City star Whitney Port is no exception. The weird part? A lot of the peeps who approach her seem to have her confused with someone else! Earlier this week, Whit told the UK's Daily Mail that she's been mistaken for both Ivanka Trump and Katherine Heigl in the past, so we thought we'd round up pics of all three girls and find out if you guys see the resemblance.

+ Think Whit might be secretly related to The Donald? Or is she one scalpel away from getting cast on Grey's Anatomy? Take the poll and tell us which of Whitney Port's fellow celebrities looks the most like her!

You tell us: Who's Whitney's long-lost celebrity twin?

  • Ivanka Trump
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Neither. Sorry, but I'm just not seeing it!