VIDEO: Can Heidi Trick Her Hubby Into Having A Baby?

Heidi nearly ripped her hubby's head off when she found out he'd planned to go in for a vasectomy without even giving her a heads-up. 'Course, time heals all wounds, so it probsies won't be long before she and Spencer can look back and laugh about the time he almost got his tubes tied ... right? Wrong.

Turns out, Mrs. Pratt's still pretty bent outta shape about her spouse's major betrayal of trust. And since open communication is the foundation of every relationship, she's decided to show him the dangers of lying by omission (i.e. by getting herself knocked up before Spencer even knows what hit him).

Watch as Heidi tries to turn her husband into a human sperm donor while Jayde decides it's time she and Kristin had another friendly little chat about the Brodester. Plus, find out what Jayde's been telling Brody behind K-Cav's back (and why Justin's still leaving Kristin voicemails!) on next week's all-new/extra scandy edition of The Hills.